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Project Description
This project provides a .Net wrapper class library for accessing IBM i data using the XMLSERVICE program provided on the Young iSeries Professionals web site.

Project is currently being re-hosted to GitHub. Check the GitHub repo for current info on XMLSERVICE for .Net

.Net developers have been looking for efficient data access alternatives for IBM i (formerly known as AS400, AS/400, iSeries, System i, OS/400, etc.) that don't require the loading of the Client Access/400 database drivers or some other database driver from a 3rd party.

Since I am a skilled IBM i and .Net developer with an insatiable appetite to connect and integrate systems together I created this wrapper to provide an IBM i database access alternative for .Net developers.

Enjoy the code and please contribute any changes or examples that you create so that others can get a jump start when using the XMLSERVICE data access on IBM i.

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